My name is Alejandro Lazaro Chueca and currently, I am an AWS Community Builder (Security) & also an AWS Ambassador in my company. As a Cloud Architect specializing in AWS, my journey began in development before advancing to software architecture, and ultimately, cloud architecture. Over 12 years, my career has spanned various clients and stages of software development, encompassing a broad spectrum of architectures including monolithic, microservices, event-driven, SOA, serverless,… and also cloud-native. My experience extends to leading modernization projects, spearheading DevOps transformations, conducting security assessments and much more.

My passion lies in serverless and event-driven architectures, DevOps, security, and embracing new technological challenges. I actively share this enthusiasm by teaching AWS to my colleagues, and I am always eager to collaborate on AWS-related projects.

I hold 7 AWS certifications, covering the 3 Associate levels, the 2 Professional levels, and specializations in Security and Data Analytics. For a deeper dive into my professional journey, visit my LinkedIn profile. I welcome the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals or anyone interested in exploring AWS.

The Blog

  • The main goal is to create periodic content related to AWS and share it publicly.
  • The secondary goal is to have an excuse to keep learning and practicing with AWS resources.
  • I like the TLDR summary.
  • This is a personal blog:
    • All opinions on this blog are personal.
    • All the content is created in my free time.
    • I don’t want to sell you anything.
    • I don’t expect any income from the blog.
    • I just want to keep learning, share knowledge and make it publicly accessible.
  • The technology behind this blog is detailed here.

To me, “play with AWS” means PRACTICE, experiment trying something new and keep learning, so my domain is playingaws.